Across the country, we are enhancing our nationwide 3G network, tower by tower, to give you better service than ever. When completed, you can expect to experience stronger signals, fewer dropped calls and more.


We’ve been building our new 4G LTE network from the ground up with the goal of bringing new and improved coverage online faster. More than 100 new markets are set to launch 4G LTE in the coming months.

Stronger coverage = More bars

Coverage enhancements mean a stronger signal in more places. Your phone’s signal can be affected by many factors – even tree leaves! Our new technology and updated spectrum can provide a stronger signal whether indoors or out.

With our new network technology, you can expect better coverage and signal strength for a more reliable connection. You can expect to experience fewer dropped calls and improved signal strength in more places, such as downtown, inside large buildings, basements and rural areas. From making phone calls and checking emails, Sprint will have you — and your phone — covered.

Smarter towers power more connection Our updated towers mean more people can expect to simultaneously access a reliable connection. The increased capacity offered by our network improvements will mean more stable data connectivity and fewer dropped calls.
Green Stations Mean More Energy Eficiency

We are proud of our green track record and constantly seek new ways to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We designed our new multi-mode base stations to be smaller and more efficient than ever before, while also powering a new and improved network. 

This breakthrough, compact design for our new base stations is expected to help us use significantly less electricity and take up much less space. Our new equipment and software mean our cell sites will be more compact, more energy efficient, and able to provide better coverage and call quality. This will reduce Sprint's total energy demand and the company's carbon footprint.

Coverage not available everywhere. Nationwide Sprint Network (including roaming) reaches over 314 million people. Sprint 3G network (including roaming) reaches over 285 million people. Sprint 4G LTE network available in limited markets, on select devices. Visit for info. Unless noted, Sprint 4G LTE devices do not operate on the Sprint 4G (WiMAX) network & Sprint 4G (WiMAX) devices do not operate on the Sprint 4G LTE network. Newsweek Green Rankings based upon environmental impact, green policies and performance, and reputation survey scores as of October 22, 2012. ©2013 Sprint. All rights reserved. Sprint and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. Other marks are the property of their respective owners.